Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? 

The LED lights use 2 x AA Batteries (sorry, not included). There is a discreet switch on the right hand frame of the canvas where you can easily turn your canvas on and off without having to remove it from the wall. The canvas can also be displayed very happily on a shelf. 

What do the lights and finish of this product look like?

The lights on our canvas are all popped through the front of actual canvas material and then neatly fixed in place so they can't be pushed back through again. This means they sit proud of the canvas and create a 3D effect with the lights shining in front of the picture and then back onto it. This means it is a brilliant independant light source like a lamp or night light!  If you are wondering, the back of the canvas is also totally closed off so all the lights are hidden away - and it comes in gorgeous packaging with a sturdy box to protect it in the post. 

How long will a set of 2 x AA batteries last before I need to change them? 

50-60 hours is normal on a set of good quality batteries. So much longer than you think!

Is there a fire risk?

No, the LED lights create no heat and there is no fire risk. It only has the power of your alarm clock!

Can my child play with this like a toy? 

No. Whilst this is a wonderful addition to a child's bedroom please be aware that it is a display product and not a toy.

What sizes can I have? 

We offer 2 standard sizes - SMALL 40x32cm and LARGE 60x40cm. However, if you are looking for a bespoke size please just contact us for a quote. 

Can I replace the bulbs in my Illuminated Canvas?

Our products contain LED lights that are designed to last 50,000 hours. Because of the intricate design of our products there is not currently a solution to remove or replace a bulb. If for any reason you find a bulb has stopped working within a year of purchase (accompained by a receipt of purchase) we will replace the canvas for you (as long as there is also no other damage to the canvas). 

How will it come wrapped?

Each Illuminated Canvas needs to be protected so comes in a box with a lid and wrapped in branded cellophane. We suggest you remove any batteries and replace it in the box before storing for any length of time. 

Does Illuminated Canvas provide any warranties? 

Yes, we offer a one-year warranty on the LED lights. Because our product is custom made to order we do not offer any refunds or exchanges. However, if a light isnt working in the warranty period we will replace the canvas for you as long as there is no other damage to the canvas which we deem could have caused the fault. If you have any questions or issues with your canvas please contact us at If you purchased your Illuminated Canvas from a shop please return it to them.