About Us

Husband and wife team Jez and Rhian Kicks print and handmake Light Up canvas pictures set with a scattering of 20 tiny, twinkly LED bulbs. Because all the canvases have the lights popped through the material (and then secured neatly in place) the light shines back onto the picture making it an independant light source, acting as a small lamp, for example. This makes them brilliant to use for younger children as night lights, for older children who love to see their name "up in lights" or for anyone who loves the fun and flirty twist of a light up picture!

Rhian and Jez originally invented their first Illuminated Canvas 4 years ago, after a fruitless search for a nightlight to soothe their eldest child. 10,000+ canvases, several national awards and 2 more children later they have rather successfully fulfilled their initial desire to create a completely unique product that had never been sold before! If they had a Mission Statement (do people even have these any more?!) it would be to light up homes across the country and help any child struggling to sleep with a soothing, unique night light (theirs create no nasty "teddy shadows")... whilst also bringing a bit of frivoloty to otherwise serious interiors! 

All you need to do is choose from the fantastic range of designs (from officially licensed Star Wars designs, circus inspired typography messages to Space Rockets and pretty Fairies etc!) OR commision a bespoke canvas made up using your chosen names, colours, a date, a photo or even a child’s drawing. What will you choose? 

This award winning product works on two replaceable AA batteries with a simple switch on the frame - therefore there’s no need to plug them in or ugly wires hanging down the wall & no fire risk.  Each canvas is handmade in Oxfordshire  - and if you are wondering, the back of the canvas is totally closed off so all the lights are hidden away - and comes in gorgeous packaging with a sturdy box to protect it in the post. 

A wonderful gift for anyone at any age! 

Illuminated Canvas are designed and loved in Britain (and increasingly all over the world too!) Our range is constantly expanding and changing with the seasons so please sign up for our newsletter for exclusive offers, new designs info or just keep visiting the site!

You can also see how we make them from our production video link

TRADITIONAL CANVAS & PRINTING SERVICE: As well as illuminating canvas Jez and Rhian also work with more traditional canvas and watercolour paper printing and framing. Their in-house picture framing facility means they have the ability to offer these services alongside the Illuminated work. See our CANVAS & WATERCOLOUR PRINTS section for more info.